Remember when love songs were innocent and you didn’t have to bend your ear to understand the words? Remember searching for that perfect spot in at “Lover’s Lookout” on a Saturday night, or being attracted to a particular song in movie, only to find out later it was a remake of an older song before your time? This collage of ‘70’s music is sure to distract and absorb your thoughts – all performed by their original artists.

Pop-love was a break into a new generation of music – a mix of disco, rock, and a peppering of Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. The CD, “Amour” reveals a list of artists that helped introduce us to this new style of love ballads. The CD tops off with the talented sensation, the Bee Gees, singing, “How Deep is Your Love?” Unfortunately never one of my favorites, this song will prepare you for your trip back in time for the music yet to follow. Most music is deciduous, but love songs of “Amour” have withstood the test of time. Some artists include: the piano plucking man himself, Billy Joel, singing “Just the Way You Are”; the mod sunglasses artisan, Elton John, singing, “Your Song”; and of course every girls “Hero”, the saucy Enrique Iglesias. Not exactly background music you’d hear at KFC.

Unlike most CD’s that ping pong from fast to slow ballads, this CD sets the mood for the perfect moonlit dance in a quaint outdoor restaurant adjacent to pearly white sand with waves running up to the shore. Close your eyes and visualize your exotic escape into the past, as you listen to memories of the past – I highly recommend enjoying this experience with the same person you were with during those times.

Although all the songs are popular, and performed by their original artists, I must admit, there were a few artists I had never heard of before. I couldn’t tell you if they were one hit wonders or not. Like me, perhaps you’re not familiar with Harry Nilsson, who sings, “Without You”, or Extreme who performs, “More Than Words,” or even, Wet Wet Wet? who sings the popular, “Love is All Around”. Never being much of a music fanatic, I’ve never been one of those who walk around with a cord coming out of my ear while walking down the sidewalk in rhythm to the music. Ask me who sings some of today’s hits, and you’ll more than likely just get a blank stare in response.

Some that do raise my eyebrow included on the CD, are popular arrangements by: Eric Clapton, who sings one of my all time favorites,“Wonderful Tonight”; Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes’, “Up Where We Belong”, and Foreigners, “I Want to Know What Love Is.” I wouldn’t recommend any of these songs for the main wedding music, buy they’re sure to help you get to the alter, or at the very least, enjoy a successful wedding reception.

Reluctant to tell you the ending of the CD, but what the heck, it’s not a movie – “Amour” concludes with King Lionel Richie and his court of romance – Motown’s multi-colored, tight fitting, polyester pant dancing, afro sporting, Commodores, singing, “Three Times a Lady”. I personally would have selected this tune as the grand finale song, rather than a song by, Wet Wet Wet.

So, give your MP3 player and IPOD a break, and listen to the music that was accompanied by candle lit dinners, and romantic preludes to marriage and babies, if you can find it that is. I’ve Googled it and have not been able to find it. Who knows? I might be sitting on a rare collectors item of love.