Classified as a romantic comedy, Spam exhibits a mixture of genres, including: action, adventure, suspense, and drama. This is a story about a straight-edged teenager who has dedicated his young life in getting into Yale University, but when his parents leave on vacation, his plans are turned upside down when he clicks a pop-up advertisement while searching an internet dating site.

Subplots are woven one on top of the other until the final resolution when they cleverly intersect. The opening image portrays Kyle Miller, the main character, in his normal world of high school life, a character that an audience would be immediately be drawn to, and most students would be able to relate with. Kyle maintains a secret crush on the most popular girl in school, Jennifer Adams, who happens to be together with the most popular guy in school, Randy Jameson, the antagonist. Randy’s habit of humiliating Kyle creates an immediate empathy for the main character.

Kyle reluctantly allows the beautiful pop-up girl, Raluca, to stay the weekend with him, but only in an attempt to create jealousy in Jennifer. A series of twists and turns take place, and with the help of Randy’s obvious crush on Kyle’s new found “girlfriend,” Kyle advances closer to his objective of winning Jennifer’s heart.

The story would have propelled without flaw, if it wasn’t for Kyle’s best friend and sidekick, Chunta. I can only estimate the reason for such an odd name, was for the purpose of Randy to refer to him by name without enunciating the “h.” Chunta’s character is sexually shallow and obscenely rude, with the sole objective of explaining his explicit sexual needs. This character was not realistic as being a bestfriend to a character such as Kyle’s.

Kyle’s invitation to Randy’s annual water sport competition is valid on the condition that Raluca accompany Kyle. Randy’s flirtatious exploits towards Raluca helps tear Jennifer away from Randy, bringing Jennifer closer to Kyle. The action scenes of the water competitions were chronologically followed, and were vividly detailed, creating a clear image to the reader.

The ending seemed rushed. It provided a twist but one that was easily predictable. Raluca turns out to be more than Kyle expected… in more ways than one. Kyle’s desire to be admitted into Yale University comes to a head which turns out to be more of a cliche’ ending similar to the popular movie, “21.”

This screenplay is tightly written, enabling the readers imagination to fill in details. It provides scenes of action and intrigue, which lent itself to a high concept, low budget film, but lacked the originality needed for Hollywood standards. If you have a short time to kill, and would like a combination of action, adventure and sexually explicit language, then this script is a good investment of time, taking just long enough to complete a load of laundry.

Spam is plainly geared for school aged children, but with the abundance of sexual content, the rating requirements prevent that age group from viewing it. I personally do not see a Producer accepting this story.