I’mpossible! is a compilation of qualities that most successful people share in common. Everyone already has these qualities, but either subconsciously do not realize it, or refuses to acknowledge them. Yes, it is possible to fear success. This is what separates those who are more successful than those who are not.
Success is subjective. Each person must develop their own definition of success, then work towards achieving that success. This book is designed as a tool to help you overcome negative barriers, and maintain a steady propulsion towards your goals. Although originally written for Chinese readers of intermediate English ability, and published in China, it applies to everyone, anywhere.
This book teaches, that success knows no restrictions. Anyone can easily develop those qualities which will enable them to perform at their optimum, in any field of work, or in their daily lives. Qualities such as: goal setting; developing self-discipline; positive self talk; recognizing opportunities; Law of Attraction; Flying with Eagles;  and visualization, are just some of the qualities that are necessary to efficiently propel any person to new heights of success. Throughout the book, there are numerous exercises and useful techniques that are highly recommended.

I’mpossible! is an inspirational tool teaches how to replace negativity with positive thoughts, clearing the way to accept only the good in our lives.


Achieve the happiness of success! Repeat to yourself, “I’mpossible! I’mpossible! I’mpossible! Available in Chinese later this year.


“Why are some people more successful than others?”